5 Facts You Should Know About French Bulldog

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The French Bulldog is one of the typical dog breeds in France, although they originated in England. They are a miniature breed of Bulldog used by the English as companion dogs during their escapades in France. These bulldogs have grown into the French bulldogs’ name over the years, and they have become common family pets.

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 And here are five facts you should know about the French Bulldog if you have one or planning to get one:

1. They originated from England.

The origin of the French bulldogs have some grey, but most historians traced their roots to England. The French Bulldog was a breed of English bulldogs with dogs in France when the English migrated to France. Now it only fitted that people called them the French Bulldog with similar features to the English bulldogs but just miniature status.

2. They are a great companion.

These breeds of dogs are some of the most excellent companions, and they can become the family’s best pets. They are warm to people even though they have a loud bark, as they rarely bark, but you can break them to be home dogs. Since they are small and do not need much exercise, they can occupy any small space in the house and need nothing elaborate.

3. French bulldogs cannot swim.

Dogs are familiar family companions, and the family can have a great time playing around with the dogs. But before you take a french bulldog to the pool, you should know that this breed cannot swim; thus, you either get them a life jacket and let them completely stay out of the water. The nature of their body and their weight makes it difficult for them to swim or float in water.

4. Low exercise tolerance

The French Bulldog doesn’t like exercise, and thus you need to watch their food to prevent weight gain. They can be regarded as lazy dogs, for they want to lay around and be held close to the body. Based on this fact, you should focus on the proper nutrition to keep these dogs healthy. They are prone to falling ill if you don’t provide them with the right food. Check online and read reviews from those that have experience with the French Bulldog.

5. Grooming of French Bulldog

You must understand the grooming needs of the French Bulldog before you purchase one. You must realise that the French Bulldog does not shed hair like other breeds. You will find short strands of bulldog hair in your home. You can bathe these dogs in water regularly, but you should mind the kind of chemical you use to prevent damages to their eyes. They need to be kept clean as often as possible to prevent infection because they are vulnerable.

The French Bulldog is a very bunch, and you will need to understand them to enjoy them more. It is best to consider taking care of your dogs to prevent them from falling sick or getting infected. Pets like the french bulldogs require lots of love and lots of attention. You can find out more about the French Bulldog and how to take care of them online before you get one.