For Protection, Buy a Blanket for Your Horse and Insurance for Your Equine Business

Light from the rising sun shows the barn in silhouette. Horses call in a chorus of whinnies, and the gravel crunches underfoot.

The sights and sounds of a new day at the barn are happy ones, and it’s reassuring to see the stable grounds have made it through the uncertainties of the night.

Safety First and Insurance Nonetheless

The day’s grooming, riding and stable maintenance are ahead, and it’s good to conduct operations under protections offered by horse business liability insurance. Training and safety precautions are a foundation in equine business.  When accidents, bad weather and other problems cause expenses and grief, insurance can provide some relief and support.

Consider Various Types of Insurance

Having insurance is a cost of doing business. Coverage needs can change as your business develops and grows. While general liability insurance is appropriate for any business, equine operations carry risks tied to a range of activities involving horses and interactions with customers. To keep abreast of industry issues and the protections that your business needs, consult with colleagues and horse insurance professionals.

Assess Your Business

To help identify needs, consider the value of your property, equipment, horse stock, level of debt and other business factors before delving into insurance options.

The U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines to buying insurance include reviewing the risks of natural and manmade disasters. The SBA suggests annually reviewing the types and levels of protection offered by your insurance policies to determine if coverage is adequate.

Remember that federal and state laws require various insurance coverages, depending on the type of business and employment levels.

Feel Prepared for Setbacks

Accidents, weather-related damages, fire, vandalism and other calamities are among the unknowns of life. No matter the size of your operation, having insurance is necessary not only for the protection of your horse business but also for your peace of mind.