Living with Animals in Spain – the Law and the Rules that must be followed

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If you move to another country, if you have your pet with you, you will feel even more comfortable. However, each country has its laws for animals living in buildings, and Spain is no different. So many people on are wondering after you have taken your dog, cat, or ferret across the border, what are the rules for keeping animals in Spain?

Laws for pets

Most laws regarding what can and cannot be done with pets in condominiums in Spain come from the Horizontal Property Law or the Horizontal Property Law. You can also find a lot of information about animal adoption on kiwoko, where you have the chance to find an animal for adoption perfect for you. This is a Spanish law that guarantees the rights of people living in a common area (such as a condominium or urbanization) not to be subjected to disruptive, unhealthy, dangerous, or illegal activities. This may include discomfort caused by other people’s pets.

For apartments for rent in Spain, the rental agreement may have a clause prohibiting pets; if you go further and decide to bring your dog or cat to the property with you anyway, the owner has the right to withdraw from the rental agreement and remove you from the apartment. If you want to have pets in a rented apartment, the best bet is to negotiate a change of contract with the owner.

Other essential information you should know about having pets in Spain

In addition to the above rules, there are other legal obligations you have as an owner. These include the requirement to provide adequate accommodation for your pet, which means that it is not possible to keep them on a terrace, patio, or balcony.

You have a responsibility to keep your pets away from danger and in good physical and mental condition.

You also need to make sure that your pet does not get sick and is vaccinated against rabies. This is mandatory, for example, in all dogs over 3 months of age. Your pet must also be registered in the Canine and Feline Register (Registro de Animales de Compañía) with details of your home address, telephone number, and vaccination status. You will also have a health card that will give you their animal identification number. The rules for having pets in Spain are largely based on common sense. 

What pets are legal in Spain?

When you are thinking of adopting an animal as a pet, an important question is to know which pets are legal in Spain; It is important to know the banned species, among other things, to avoid the risk of legal sanctions.

The Law on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity (Law 42/2007) defines the introduction of invasive species into Spanish territory as a serious or very serious crime. Therefore, it is clear that invasive species are not among the pets allowed in Spain.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, invasive species are those that, by establishing or introducing into a habitat or ecosystem, act as agents of change or as threats to native biological biodiversity.

The catalog of invasive species in Spain is quite extensive and includes a wide variety of animals whose entry into local ecosystems poses risks to native biodiversity.