Rescuing Cats with Mobility Issues

While one of the most rewarding experiences, adopting a cat can be an exciting and gratifying process, though if you are possibly looking to take in a cat who is dealing with mobility issues or is simply aging and struggling to move around, there are some steps and precautions you can take to make the transition to their new home as easy as possible.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Cats love to bound and leap from object to object, though as they age or deal with mobility issues it may become harmful if they splay or slide upon landing. Placing non-slip mats or cushions in areas where your cat frequently lands can be a helpful way to put less stress on their joints and prevent potential injuries.

Litter Box Placement

If your new furry friend is aging or experiences problems with leg mobility, you may want to pay special attention to where their litter box is placed. Try buying a larger litter box with a low entry that doesn’t require them to crouch tightly, and place it near the ground for easy access. Plus, if you live in a home with multiple stories, be sure to place litter boxes on each floor so they don’t need to travel long distances or climb stairs to use it. This is a helpful way to make your cat’s life easier and doesn’t put added stress on their body for this regular activity.

Comfortable Lounge Spots

Many cats love to lounge in the sun and find a private place to themselves, though as they age and experience mobility issues, it may become more difficult for them to access these locations. By placing a cat-friendly stairway or ramp near their favorite perch or providing comfortable spots lower to the ground, your cat can still enjoy a private lounge spot without having to strain too much to reach it.

Multiple Food & Water Locations

When a cat is aging or having mobility problems, you may want to provide raised food and water bowls so they don’t have to strain lower to reach them. Plus, you need to ensure your new cat is getting enough hydration and nutrients, so providing food and water bowls in multiple locations around your home can help cats easily access them and not skip out on eating or drinking because the bowls are too far away.

Whether your newly-adopted cat is experiencing mobility issues from inflammation or is simply feeling the effects of aging, there are a variety of actions you can take around your home to give them easy access to the necessities and make their life in their new home easy and comfortable.

Bailey Schramm is a writer from cat wheelchair manufacturer, Walkin’ Pets.